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Nari Beauty/Report/Mumbai (Dhanashree Sankhe)…….

1)For normal towards dry hair,go for a deep conditioning treatment once in a week.Avoid hard brushes on to the hair shaft as it may further damage the hair.Natural wooden bristles helps condition your hair by distributing your hairs natural oils evenly on the shaft

2)If your hair is very fine and scanty then opt for wooden comb as it produces accupressure like effect on the scalp promoting its blood circulation and thus leading to the hair growth,

3)For very dry hair,moisture is what you need externally as well as internally.Drink a lot of water,it will give much needed moisture to your hair.If you put a teaspoon of cod liver oil in your juices early morning,you will see a marked difference in hair.

4)Constant brushing can also cause physical harm to your hair.When you detangle your wet hair be sure that you start from from bottom and work your way.Avoid instinctally going from scalp towards end.

5)The rituals of oiling your hair are good for the outer layer is very health hair care routine.To your haircare routine include wrapping a hot towel on your head after conditioning the hair.

6)For very dry and thin hair,vented hair brushes are most commonly used for adding lift and volume to your hair.Getting a regular trim to snip the splits is the best way to keep the hair healthy.

7)If your hair end near the hair is oily and the other end is dry.It looks good just after the shampooing and later turns into limp.The oiliness can be treated by using a oil control scalp cleanser to wash away the extra oil followed by hair repair serum on the ends to prevent the ends dryimg out.Avoid synthetic brushes and combs that create static and use paddle brush instead of it.
Nari Beauty/Report/Mumbai (Dhanashree Sankhe)…….

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